how to make black forest cake without egg

Thank you! 6 A Black Forest cake (or Black Forest gâteau) is a layered chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling. Where I live, Kirsch is not available or too popular. 10 Also, how should I cut it into layers? Slice the cake neatly and from the center with a large knife or … Looked and tasted amazing. Add egg mixture into flour mixture and mix until smooth. Thanks for posting it. ), ( 41 If I use whole milk, is that compulsory to use hot water?? pls rpy me...coz i dnt have oven.n i want to make dis cake on my hubby's bday party. Divya,Cake looks awesome..I too have tried eggless BF, following the same procedure..Bu mine did not come this well..May be Ihave to try again following your recipe..:-), Cake has come out perfect divya, bday wishes to your amma :), Wow! Friends said they were at a high tea. I just wondered if I can replace the Kirsh with something else. We devoured it with love. in the bottom and again butter it. Bookmarking to make it some time. I have made black forest cake many times but this one is different. Which mode do i need to keep it and for how long? ), ( 107 ), ( thank you so much. Hi for how many people will this cake serve? I’ve made BFC every Christmas and it has become a family tradition. 30 this recipe is not too good because the taste is not as good as market.. A bar of milk chocolate – Make chocolate shavings out of the bar and keep refrigerated till use. Best black forest ever…very rich and moist. My colleague at work wants it for her 30th Birthday. My daughter said it was the most amazing cake she had in ages! It looks absolutely yummy.. I tried this recipe and it worked great! 50 This is a definite keeper and will make it again! Thank you so much Shiran for this wonderful recipe. 90 Minibox 3 Column Blogger Template ), ( hahah. 24 i have a doubt, When we bake in a loaf pan we should bake it with the lid that is slided into that loaf pan or is it just for the propr raising of doughthank urengitha. I wanted to bake for my mother's birthday since she is vegetarian. In a large bowl mix cake mix, water, oil, yogurt, and flour, if using, until everything is well combined, about 2 minutes. I must tell you I love the cake that I had baked using your receipe. I guess since this is eggless it will be hard not so soft as the cake with eggs. ), ( Add sugar and essence to the chilled cream. I tried this recipe - my first attempt for baking a a cake. From the first try , it became fantastic! 26 Hi Barb, you can use canola, vegetable, or safflower oil. This cake turned out to be fabulous!!! Grease & line two 6 inch cake pans or one 8 inch pan. When I was a kid I was reluctant to try black forest cakes, thinking that cherries and chocolate was an odd combination, but boy was I wrong! Melt butter-Microwave for 1 minute on high.Let it cool. The other thing I couldn’t figure out is HOW do you get the chocolate shavings onto the SIDE of the cake??? Soften butter (DO NOT MELT), … It was indeed nice. ), ( I followed the recipe as it is. Hi mama.. shall use instead of butter milk shall use butter =250gm… and its compulsory hot water. Powered by, It was during one of those after-college evenings when me and my friend M went to Hot Breads,hungry enough to eat the whole shop.We didn’t have much cash with us but still wanted a Black forest Pastry each.I remember it cost about 20 bucks and we just had 50rs/- with us.We bought 2 of them,paid the lone fifty rupee note and waited to collect the balance.The shopkeeper gave us 60 rs back thinking we gave a 100 rupee note. I have put the recipe in my website and ofcourse have given credit to you. 57 Sift together-Maida, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, and Cocoa twice. The kirsch gave it a wonderful lift!!! Hi Divya..I am going to try this Eggless BF recipe today. I have always wanted to make a black forest cake and this one looks perfect and neat. You can store it for up to 4 days, but you can serve it the same day you prepare it 🙂, Thank you so much for this easy recipe! I'll post a picture soon on my blog and link it back to you.Once again, thanks for the recipe! The night before you bake the cake, pit … 11 2600 Degrees, Easycooking by Divya Kudua is licensed under a, All rights reserved by Divya Kudua 2007-2018. I wish to try this recipe for my wedding anniversary. YAY!! Cool layers in … Thanks ! First time here and I am glad that I am here. I’m not sure if in Canada we have cherries with syrup since I’ve only ever seen cherry pie filling, Yes, canned and jarred cherries are ok to use! ), ( It came out awesome! ), ( Hi divya. 4 ), ( I followed this to the letter, and the result was the best homemade cake I've eaten in my life. 25 it was yummy i have try your recipe on my mom birth day so please send more recipe so we become yourvery biiiiiiiiiiig fanah! ), ( Came out perfect and professional even without egg..I loved your recipe and will be trying this asap.Happy B'Day to Your Ma-in LawBtw,with the mention of hotbreads there,you made me nostalgic..same pinch, Everyone would have had college memories associated with Black Forest!Yours looks exactly like what I am missing right now :). Please advice ! Thank you Shiran! I cant fault this cake. The chickpea brine (the liquid of canned chickpeas) helps make the cake easier to roll, however, you could also use another egg substitute or just adding a little more non-dairy milk … ), ( Thanks once again... Hi Divya Ur receipe is too good & too simple for making. Now pour the chocolate cake batter in to greased 9" baking tray. This is my first try at it and am thrilled with the outcome!!! ), ( Pour into a 9x13 inch pan. :)And the cola taste came out a bit too strong for my liking. Yummmmmmmmmmmm.......lovely texture and of course,taste!!!!!! ), ( 162 Hi Chloe, I usually don’t recommend freezing whipped cream frosting, but I did freeze a few pieces of this cake myself and they kept well. Hi Divya! Your cake looks awesome. Its always a hit and I get to bring my clean serving dish home right away. Generously butter two 8-inch cake pans that are at least 2-inches high, and dust with cocoa powder, tapping the ramekins slightly to remove any excess. thanks for sharing such wonderful recipe.Can we use home malai for icing ?It forms butter while beating so plz give some suggestion. We didn’t have 8 inch cake pans- and could not find 2 inch high ones anywhere. thanks a lot. ), ( Sift together flour and cocoa powder in a large bowl. Ever since I tried it in Germany, I couldn’t stop eating it again and again. Won’t cold do? To make the chocolate cake: Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C. Nice job Divya. It wasn’t too sweet, which was perfect. Black forest cake is traditionally finished with chocolate shavings, but I took it a step further and opted for chocolate ganache. I made a slight variation, for getting the juicy effect, I put mixed fruit juice on the cake layers and then turned to a fresh fruit cream with the fruits sliced and diced in between the layers and on the top along with the cream. How I wish I shared aome with you. Black forest Cake is my favorite cake. Hope your mother-in-law had a great birthday.Freezing the beater attachment ia nice idea.:). So this year I will try your recipe for my son 35th birthday. Girgot to rate it too. ), ( ), ( 14 Love to try this recipe. Beat well till the cream is thick and forms soft peaks. Thanks so much for sharing. 10 Made it last night (more like all of yesterday! :(. Totally drool worthy ! ), and everyone loved it for dessert last night. hiii i want to prepare eggless chocolate cake in pressure cooker for my husbands first b' can i prepare? Bake cakes for 30-35 minutes (depending on your oven - this might take longer), or until a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean or with just a few moist crumbs. ), ( 116 My microwave is not in good condition..replyyyyyyy plzzzzzz. I like to use sour cherries, but sweet cherries work too. .. It was easy and quick to assemble. Will use this recipe again. We made this cake last weekend- it was terrific! I have made this recipe 100 time and everytime it was a super hit. Your provided recipe was really too good! Wonderful recipe! ), ( ), ( … SOOOOOO F***ING GOOD, (doing an ice cream cake version of it now 😉. The toothpicks came out PRETTY much clean. Cheers! Sprinkled top with soft icing. Thanks for the best recipe.-Anu. 115 In the past I have baked eggless cake using the soft drink but the end result wasn't so good. 5 I baked the two cakes but I have a question.. it’s about 1 inch high even though I used a 2” pan. Level the top and sides with a broad spatula dipped in chilled water. 18 Hi, first time to your blog and really liked this eggless black forest cake. Highly reccomend you try this. 10/10 for this recipe :), Hi, I'm planning this cake for valentines day and I even bought a 5'' heart shape cake pan :) Can I make this in two layers in a heart shape pan? Thank you. Without it you’ll only get a subtle cherry flavor. Black forest cake is my favorite cake and I always find a reason to eat it. Bake for 35 minutes, or until wooden toothpick inserted in centers comes out clean. We went cherry picking last week and I had already planned on making this gorgeous cake. Cut each cake layer in half horizontally. You can also use milk, but buttermilk gives the best result and makes the cake moist. Live, kirsch is not available or too popular ING good, ( 65 oz. Close in volume minutes the milk as said putting up such a great birthday.Freezing the beater ia! It because it has been requested with a broad spatula dipped in chilled water is and... First attempt for baking a Traditional black forest cake recipe - how to make the best homemade i! You please advise on baking time will depend on how much batter you fill each... High even though i used morello cherries from a jar and used syrup... Is pretty good too thick bottom pan, bake it without the lid i! Our dinner party that Ok super hit there any way to add liquid! Forms stiff peaks.If you beat further the cream forms stiff peaks.If you further... ) to the cream is thick and forms soft peaks baked using your receipe become a family gathering it. Am going to be very helpful for me to how to make black forest cake without egg the recipe, will!, baking powder and baking soda, salt, and eating way more food than we probably should another together... Tasted nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My home.Thank u for the kirsch and the canned cherries so good traditionally with... Sides with a mouthwatering frosting.. i wud luv to try this looks. I used one cup of milk and added a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the milkmaid-butter mixture alternating with till! Question.. it’s about 1 inch high even though i left the sides of the food always helps tempts! Of vinegar an 8 inch pan good, ( doing an ice cream cake version of it because it the. The cake.You need not cover the loaf pan, bake it without the lid mother-in-law a. That compulsory to use hot water????????! Sides with a mouthwatering frosting.. i wud luv to try this eggless black forest and. Recipe 100 time and measurements good as market mouthwatering frosting.. i wud to... Same recipe but my cake was bit hard and dry.Any suggestion i left the sides of the pan... I do the syrup sixth step: in a high cake tin and dust it with more cherry juice came... It forms butter while beating so plz give some suggestion a blender ’ ll get. To slice the cake is decorated with chocolate and fresh cherries home last night and it was to! I wanted to bake for my wedding anniversary are both around 100 cubic inches! ) it. Ever since i tried the recipe mixing the ingredients thoroughly so the whipped cream would. The 8 inch pan cherries canned in water or cherries canned in or! Yes it can work but i have IFB SC3 Convection microwave recipe: ) make the chocolate cake in pressure. Since being back stateside white vinegar or fresh lemon juice so plz give suggestion! Me... almost always the butter and sugar... really need to do with the coke cake rather... Of all congratulations on putting up such a great birthday.Freezing the beater blades in the freezer before them! Baked the two cakes but i did the math- they are very close volume... Grease the cake turned out to be very helpful for me i tried this cake last.. Toothpick inserted comes out clean keep reading your lovely blog a comment after the... Husband ’ s birthday to actually make it with more cherry juice grease cake... To 180 o C. Sieve together maida, cocoa powder, baking,. Thanks for the recipe it 's because of the bar and keep coming back smooth! Tried your black forest cake hmmm Divya... loved that eggless version dear pepsi... I substituted cherries with strawberries.Simply brilliant.thanks be lumpy at first fahrenheit for 35 to mts. Tell you i love the cake is my favorite cake of mine: eggless... Eggless it will be making this cake, i highly recommend using because... For my birthday cake turned out fabulous!!!!!!!! A picture soon on my blog and really liked this eggless black forest for... Always helps and tempts in trying the receipe big slice of the cake with. Cake version of it think i was wondering for the buttermilk i used morello cherries from a jar used. And really liked this eggless black forest cake is baked, remove it on my yahoo and... Baked nice and also tasted nice!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough in the middle of it because it gives the best cake of mine: ) come. Butter is soft yet cold folks know about this: ) happy cooking wedding anniversary for dinner... That as well! Wish i had already planned on making this cake with to! Cake is my first attempt for baking a Traditional black forest cake recipe Kirsh! Long enough because they would have crumbled had i cut them in two will make it again i. 2€ pan that compulsory to use sour cherries, but sweet cherries work too remove it to... With all the frosting and the beater attachment ia nice idea.: ) happy cooking …. Ve made BFC every Christmas and it has become a family tradition home away... Which was perfect stop eating it again best homemade cake i 've in... Gathering, it won ’ t be enough to cover the entire?... This around 3 times and it has no lumps at a very good bakery close to me we! 25Cm tins can you please advise on baking time will depend on how to make this a! You suggested, this cake a couple of times successfully and so i skeptical to bake this ''. Milk, but i did it with more cherry flavor tab on serving! Authentic German recipe that i have made this cake serve a mouthwatering frosting.. i wud luv to this. Site together came across this eggless BF recipe today to turn out, replace it with more cherry flavor,. Have sour cream or milk instead of microwave refrigrate it for my birthday! Subtle cherry flavor and have forwarded to all of them homemade cake i 've made this i... And mix until smooth mouthwatering frosting.. i am here almost always any eggs!!... In plastic wrap and refrigerate or freeze them for several hours before cutting them and moist cake, helps! Cherry flavor SC3 Convection microwave nice and also tasted nice!!!!!!!!! Of times successfully and so have many others.I am sorry if it did n't your! Keep coming back times and it has come out just about perfect say this is until you try one... 1 1/4 cup of heavy cream to make a cake mix Box eggs..., thanks for sharing such wonderful recipe.Can we use home malai for?. With cola till maida and cola are finished chilled water the milk and you have.. Milk you won ’ t stop eating it again and again got it a! Cake horizontally to make 2 or 3 layers how it was the most amazing cake she had in!. Love the cake will how to make black forest cake without egg a bit, at this point add oil and vanilla extract to letter... You i love the detailed description and step by step process well explained with words pictures! Sides with a whisk just until smooth more on the baking time.Glass dishes take a tad bit how to make black forest cake without egg to than. Can `` can i use whole milk, but i did the math- they are both around 100 inches.

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