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Customer support is available during business hours via email, live chat, and phone. InitLive is a web-based solution that helps businesses plan & execute various activities involved in managing on-site volunteers and organizing an event. You need the following skills to be a good event planner: organizational and networking skills, resilience and adaptivity, a basic understanding of events, creativity, and dedication to customer service. A helpful interactive Gantt chart view outlines the timeline, dependencies, and deadlines of the event. For any event, big or small, you will have everything you need for an easy and successful event through Purplepass. It is helpful; however, it is sometimes difficult to get a hold of a customer service rep. Mr. Schilling is a web-based festival management software that provides publishing & management capabilities, festival data storage, print traffic management & job management. Live polling will give you direct feedback, as well as advanced analytics and reports of your attendee’s behavior. In addition, there are training in person and live online, as well as useful webinars and docs. TicketCo is an online self-service event management and sales software, integrated with hand held card readers enabling an omnichannel experience. You’ve seen our reviews, you’ve thought about what you want, and now you’re probably drawn to one or two products from the list. NVOLV. It includes a Gantt chart which syncs across all devices. Let people vote via Twitter and Instagram and immediately see the results. When it comes to creating an equipment Checklist, it depends on the type, size, location and profile of the event. The truth is, the best event management software is the one that works best for you. It offers services for corporate organizations, ensuring continued growth. Our intuitive directory allows you to make an easy online Festival Management software comparison in just a few minutes by filtering by deployment method (such as Web-based, Cloud Computing or Client-Server), operating system (including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android), pricing (including Free and Subscription), platform (including Google Apps, Salesforce, Intuit, NetSuite, SAP) and supported location. However, it is difficult to manage everything on your own – that’s why most planners use event management software. This page may contain links to our partners’ products and services, which allows us to keep our website sustainable. Furthermore, it’s compliant with the highest security standards, so you’ll be sure that your data and privacy are safe. As most of the capabilities of EventMobi, the pricing is also customizable. This online Event Management system offers Staff Scheduling, Transportation Management, Sponsorship Management, Artist Management, Exhibit/Vendor Management at one place. Event gamification features here as well because everyone loves playing, competing, and winning. See Wrike in action with its cool interactive tour. EventMobi is a Canadian mobile event management platform, used by more than 11,000 event planners in 72 countries and available in 24 languages. There are also live online training and lots of helpful docs and videos on their website and FAQ section. Our festival event management tools allow committee planning and everyone’s efforts during the event to all be stored in one place. The event management software market was valued at USD 8.144 billion in 2019 and expected to reach USD 14.94 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 10.65% over the forecast period 2020 - 2025. Coronavirus Updates for Event Organizers and Event Goers View Profile Choose between 3 fixed plans starting at $39/month or get a quote pricing if you are tempted by the Enterprise pack. A free plan for small teams is available with a limited number of users. Event Management courses from top universities and industry leaders. Join thousands of events using the only platform built by event hosts to help you sell more tickets and fundraise more effectively. What is your budget to spend on software monthly or annually? You’ll get a custom plans and pricing based on your business needs and budget. The marketing and SEO feature allows you to send personalized email campaigns. It lacks other types of integrations though, for example with marketing tools and CRMs. Everwall will post all @mentions, hashtags and posts from Slack, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Web Form, email, and more. Customer support is very reliable and knowledgeable, and there to guide you all the way. Formerly known as Tweetwall, Everwall helps you collect and display a social media feed on a large screen in real time at your event. Mondays don’t have to be bad. Managers can use the event management platform to create channels for providing information, resources, and links to connect with the host and ask questions. It is trusted by American Express, Ford, Microsoft, Ikea, Hilton, Lego, Adidas, Yale, NASA, TEDx, L’Oreal, and many more. Simply invite ‘organizers’ and let them set up their login and password. Effortlessly move between the micro and the macro and get the best experience. Full Review, Trello allows for perfect planning and management of your workflow. First, create listings and an online box office for any event in minutes. With Bizzabo’s help, you can offer multiple ticket types, create a lovely event website with a powerful editor, send email invites and promotional campaigns with personalized content, and more. Marcato Festival is a fully featured Event Management Software designed to serve SMEs, Agencies. Multiple pricing plans with Monday. Do you want software that offers a live demo and is easy to adopt? With the right event planning tools, you are able to effortlessly tailor your marketing to fit each individual event. Marcato Festival provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows. Eventbrite’s analytics and reporting functions give you solid insight into how successful your event was and how you can improve. 30% of marketers believe that live streaming will impact events the most. (Bizzabo, 2017) 2. Submittable is an online submissions management platform that simplifies how companies & institutions can accept, review, and make decisions on applicants, from one central location. FestivalPro is continually evolving, with new features and modules in development all the time. 4. You can aim for the top of Google search results thanks to Eventbrite’s top-ranked SEO. The data is stored indefinitely and it’s available to you at any time. Our Score 98/100. It integrates with Zapier and social media such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as Spotify, so that you can easily connect with customers everywhere. You can track conversations with Google Analytics, and get an analysis of income in sales reports. Cvent provides software to planners for event management, marketing and attendee engagement, and also helps hotels win business through our sourcing platforms. A Business Class plan for $9.99 per user per month and an Enterprise subscription for $20.83 per 100 users for fully equipped experience. Everwall offers two plans to its audience – a Self-Service plan for $39 per event day giving you access to the built-in social wall builder and a number of features; with the Full-Service plan for $299 per event, you won’t need to deal with setup, design, customizations, just provide instructions and a remote team will apply all your ideas. The event management app is suitable for small teams as well as for enterprise. There is live online training, as well as useful webinars and docs at your disposal. It’s quick and efficient, it’s creative and engaging. With its ticketing … The Organizer App helps event managers track customer insights on the spot. In-person and live online training are at your disposal too, as well as useful demos, webinars and documentation. It comes with a run sheet module, which allows users to access, control & update data on incidents in real time. Once you are signed in you'll be able to: © 2020 GetApp. It is also a cloud-based SaaS. Proper event staffing is critical for any event … EventMobi is quite capable when it comes to connecting the app to other software solutions. Save your precious time, get a better customer and prospect engagement by connecting Cvent to other software solutions. If you're into the 'to-do', 'doing' and 'done' task … Use the Everwall analytics tool and take note of your biggest influencers. Allow it to automate all the small tasks on your boards: setup rules, scheduled commands, board buttons and more. You can manage your event by setting a range of registration and filtering by audience. With its ticketing system, scanner feature, and easy-to-use interface, this professional event software makes event planning a breeze. So, basically, Everwall gathers messages and photos from a variety of social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Slack, even SMS texts, and more, and embeds them directly onto your event site. Fiona is an online assistant for organizing film festivals created together with the IFFR, IDFA and NFF, providing organizations of all sizes with the tools they need to organize and program films and events, including features for selection, publishing, event scheduling, and inviting guests. Full Review, Cvent offers you an abundant event management solution in terms of variety of features, design capabilities, continuous quality updates, and a great deal of available resources. Events.com Event Management Software - Set up an event in minutes, connect your payment account, and start selling tickets, registrations, and merchandise today. In straightforward terms, event planners create the vision and many of the preliminary plans for an event, while … It’s great for creating, promoting, selling tickets, scanning, reporting. Community-based organizations looking for a versatile scheduling and ticketing service that fits the needs of large and small events including festivals, conferences, associations, and non-profits. Full Review, Everwall offers real-time display of social media feed on a large screen, great advertising options and multiple customizable features. Keep all your conversations, files, briefs, checklists, and sheets in one place for easy access and follow-up. Everything is published in real time or whenever you schedule it to be. If you need a simple and efficient solution to easily collaborate with your team when organizing an event or any other project, Trello is for you. You’ll like the fun look! Request a demo and get a pricing quote. 5. Look no further! Eventbrite’s design and build capabilities will let you create a custom branded website just for you! The list is constantly expanding. Choose between various event management tools and templates – Calendar view, Chart view, Files view, Kanban view, Map view, and Timeline view. It keeps the process smooth, connects people easily, and sends updates in real-time. Event Management Event Essentials is a revolutionary new alternative to traditional event planning. Our service is free because software vendors pay us when they generate web traffic and sales leads from GetApp users. Whova is a great all-in-one event tracking software for any kind of event. Fast, intuitive and easy to use. Go ahead and play around with a sample app right now – cool, right?! Did you write your answers down? You can easily import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Excel. It is used by more than 18,000 customers worldwide, among which Google, Hootsuite, Mars, L’Oreal, Tiffany&Co., Hawaiian Airlines, Airbnb, and Verizon. Festivals are complex. The event management template gives you a structured approach to planning events, in which you can break your event down into stages, assign due dates to tasks, and track progress on a visual timeline. Zapier, social media integration, and ready-to-post social media templates for your speakers and attendees to share their experience. From galas to bashes and fairs to festivals, we’re providing a digital solution to the disorganization that plagues events of all types and sizes. Even better, create an account for free and explore it first hand! With Eventzilla, you can sell tickets online, process credit card payments, promote events on social media, and much more. Use the interactive maps and never let yourself and your attendees to get lost. 7. The self-service plan gives you only email-based customer service, while the full-service plan includes email and phone service. Everything is under your control! Use the auto-pilot feature to automate the small tasks and focus on more important topics. CrowdQuestion is a question and answer management solution designed to help streamline engagement with event attendees. Web traffic analytics, live polls, mobile surveys, and more help you get valuable feedback and useful insights to make your events even more successful. You can organize and track everything in one visual, collaborative space. Roosevelt Row First Friday ARTS Market 2020 Increase attendance with multi-channel marketing campaigns, prior and post your events. Whova’s document sharing option for slides and handouts will keep your event paper-free – better for the environment, and easier for you to keep track on everything. Special equipment at an event is not a want but a straight-up need. Professional and Business packs have a fixed pricing while the monthly fee for the Enterprise plan and the 2 customizable bundles – Wrike for Marketers and Wrike for Professional Services depend on your selection of features. Full Review, Evenzilla offers an easy-to-use, highly customizable and feature-rich platform for managing your events. Hello, customized guest lists! If you’re looking for a straightforward ticketing platform that is easy to use and affordable, go for TicketSource. In a nice and easy to use display interface, fully equipped with features for you to customize the way you want it. TicketSource is a UK-based free, professional-level, online ticketing system that is suitable for any event and venue. What integrations do you absolutely need? Monday.com offers productivity and time-saving features, such as: … so that you can effortlessly organize events and other types of projects with better and faster results. Support is available online during business hours. Create branded websites for your events, engage your attendees, promote and manage everything in one place. Customer support is available online, and it’s very helpful. You can add anything else you can think of that you consider important. Full Review, EventMobi is an intuitive all-in-one event scheduling system with excellent support and features, as well as a user-friendly and customizable interface. This will leave you more time to focus on the more creative, important, and interesting aspects of putting an event together. Online chat was especially fast. Covering the entire event management process including creating tickets, promoting, selling, reporting and analysing the outcome, at a decent fee, makes it one of the fastest growing cloud-based event management software in 2020. The clean interface and socially-focused tools helped us grow our festival.” Carolina Carreno • Co-Founder • Valle Food & Wine Festival “Events.com allowed us to take our business to the next level, giving us the tools to manage our events and extend our reach to sponsors outside of our network.” Vendor suggests 3 different plans depending on your niche and event size. Find useful ebooks, checklists and tips on how to better manage, promote your events at the ‘Recommended for you’ section on the website. Attract, recruit, and select the best artists, performers, speakers, and other contributors. The event registration is easier than ever – use a single platform to take care of email invitations, registration collection, and check-in of attendees, all in one place. Everwall’s analytics tool keeps track of your social wall activity in real time. What is not very important for you? Sending “thank you” emails to all is also a breeze. Educational organizations, government departments, super and investment companies, banks and financial organizations, legal and accounting firms – everyone can take advantage of that. They understand that events can be crucial to success, and offer a full range of services from site selection, through onsite support to event survey management. If nothing works for you the way you want, let your engineers use the Eventzilla API directly and create the integrations you want. 1. Should it be all-in-one kind of software or focused on specific tasks like ticket sales, for example? Overbooking is impossible thanks to the single inventory that integrates your online and in-house ticketing. Event and festival management software for your best show yet Make your event or festival a smashing success. You can record in-house bookings for face-to-face payments, produce e-tickets, mobile, and thermal tickets, and outsource your telephone bookings to TicketSource’s in-house team. The software offers great mobile apps. Cvent is available as an Android native and iOS native app. There are a lot more features that you can check out on Eventbrite’s website. It accounts for over 7,000,000 processed registrations and 200,000 event websites. Take a closer look and give them a try. Performance – to measure the event’s performance and take important business decisions. Wrike is available as native iOS and Android app and it works offline too. Bizzabo helps you with customer acquisition, retention, and brand-building through events. It offers multiple customization options and packages. Everwall allows you to consolidate all you social media exposure in one place. Sign up for training in person and live online, get access to Bizabbo’s knowledge center, blog, video tutorials, useful webinars and event checklists. Eventleaf is a tool that allows you to create and promote event pages, as well as register attendees and sell tickets. Use automation to limit the manual work, use customizable dashboards, communicate with your team and get reports about your performance. What size and kind of business should this software be great for? It offers specialized products for sales agents & distributors, event & film festival managers, & art professionals. Moreover, you can sell tickets online and record payments in person with a variety of ticket formats available. Choose among more than 100 standard reports, attendee tracking, lead capture or real-time dashboards to extract some data insights. With its ticketing system, Scanner feature, and easy to use interface, this professional event software makes event planning a breeze! What is your niche? You can customize and download attendee data reports as a CSV file. You can choose between tailored features for conferences, fundraisers, and training/classes. Efficient attendance management Print a roster sheet for each event (including seat assignments) for easier attendance tracking and create attendee badges using the media/certificate builder. Users can create custom programs, prepare event schedules, sort volunteer information & handle applications. Submittable is the ideal solution for streamlining your submissions process. Track registrations using great dashboard analytics or get your customizable reports. You can quickly filter out profanity, keywords, or phrases, users, spam, and so on, automatically or with the help of a human moderator. Right. You will instantly notice the difference. Are you wondering how I composed this list of the best event management software? Management Event Software System Please Select the Event and Role to Login to The response time is truly under 7 minutes, and the team is very friendly and helpful. Lennd makes it easy to create and manage your virtual, live and hybrid events that connect people and grow your community. Lake Sumter Art & Craft Festival (The Villages® community, FL) - 12th Annual January 2021. Choose among 5 pricing plans staring at $9.80/user/month. The design capabilities allow event marketers to fully customize an experience for their attendees and involve them prior and post-event flawless. However, even though the team is friendly and fast to respond, it is not always as knowledgeable as you want it to be. Display upcoming events in a familiar calendar for easier registration and give registrants the convenience of adding your events to their personal calendar. No more misspelled names and numbers or accidental double-booking! There is the much-needed option for mobile ticket scanning, which is everywhere nowadays and makes the process much faster. It’s used for more than 10,000 events across all industries. What type of surveys and reports do you need access to? This platform features an online back-office and an attendee interface, often a mobile app. Play around with the build-in ROI Calculator. You get real-time reporting, data, and insights to help you manage and track your sales. What do you need help with? Our software can be used by all sorts of events such as Food Festivals, Literary Events, Multi Centred Events, Beer Festivals and more. HoldMyTicket is a cloud-based, customizable event ticketing & box office management solution which aids businesses in organizing & carrying out events such as concerts, festivals, or networking events. AudienceView Professional serves hundreds of commercial and not-for-profit users. Eventzilla is an all-in-one event registration and marketing platform. You can also create project reports and monitor everything. Monday.com helps teams plan and efficiently execute projects together. Charity and fundraising events can be society balls, sports events, and charitable auctions. The Eventbrite App is available for both Android and iOS users and it’s also available as cloud-based SaaS. Simplify your operations, grow your sales every year, and give fans a flawless experience. Vendini TicketAgent provides integrated ticket selling features to live event promoters, processing localized box office sales and tethering mobile app support. Eventzilla offers you to use the software for free events with a list of available features.You can choose between 2 fixed plans – Basic from $1.25 per ticket for paid events and Pro – capped at $9.99. Cvent has more than 300,000 users worldwide, among which Olympus, BBYO, Columbia University, APPA, Kaiser Permanente, Juniper, PennState, Sirius Decisions, and Re/Max. It has reached more than 14,000,000 attendees worldwide. In addition, you can easily see which of your targeted prospects has already registered, who needs a reminder, and who is most likely to attend based on past behavior and gathered feedback. Now you know exactly how, almost miraculously, event management software will improve your life. GetApp offers free software discovery and selection resources for professionals like you. Digital records also reduce the chance of human errors and following issues. Depending on your needs, you can get a customized price quote. It’s free for free events. It keeps the process smooth, connects people easily, and sends updates in real time. 10. Support is always helpful and knowledgeable. The Cvent payment system allows for advanced fraud monitoring so you and your attendees are assured of the payment processing safety. You also have the chance to choose a custom plan and request for a pricing quote. You’ll gain real-time insights and track revenue. The event scheduling software removes chaos, helps planning and coordinates and speeds up the process! This builds excitement and easily notifies attendees and invitees on any updates on the event. Event management and planning involves a variety of things to take care of. It offers multiple customization options, plans to choose from. You can access it through the web, as well as on mobile for iOS and Android or using the desktop app. Polls, surveys, and reports – you get the full deal to engage attendees, work on feedback, and be more successful than ever. It is friendly and always ready to provide guidance. Get SMS and MMS in the US and Canada. But there’s more – you can customize your ticket shop with your own logo and colors, use the interactive venue seating plan designer, and manage multiple account users with access permissions. It’s a free ticketing system for free events. Get credit card payments with the Self-Service plan, and credit cards, checks, and wire payments  using the Full-Service. Bizabbo can be integrated with over 750 software solutions including the big ones: Salesforce, MailChimp, Slack, Boomset and Zapier. Your email outreach efforts, your payment processing, and registration tracking – a whole array of tasks will get automated! Organizing it visually helps you stay on top of your work and never miss a deadline.

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