pruning fiddle leaf fig

I’ve been considering cutting down the branches and seeing what it will do (but then there would be essentially no leaves). Branching: If your Fiddle Leaf Fig is one trunk with no branches, there are also ways you can help it sprout new branches. Also, I realized that I cut it a little too wide apart, more than the 1 – 2 mm your recommended, will this prevent my plant from branching? With their luscious dark green leaves, they really do become a centrepiece of any room! In this case, I would say the best way to save it would be to cut this section off the main plant and propagate it. There are two seperate stalks in the pot and it’s over a year old. What can I do to encourage more growth at the top so it grows more tree like. Also, I added more soil to its pot this spring but it looks low – would adding more soil (even to the bottom of the pot) encourage growth? Either take the plant out of the basket when you water, or add in a pot plant dish / tray that the water can drain into. If it’s not possible to do these things, staking can help if you’d prefer them to grow closer together. I think I over watered and all of the leaves came off. Hey Sarah! Hey Lynn, sounds like your plants are doing well! As they don’t live in soil, you won’t need to spray the soil. Although they are slow-growing, they can grow up to 6 feet wide and 12 feet tall, so pruning them once a … Hi there! When you water your FLF, make sure to water it thoroughly until the excess comes out the bottom. Maybe because I’m afraid to kill my plant. If you don’t see anything, it’s possible that the holes are from past damage or from when the leaves were maturing. Here’s a post on propagating that might be helpful . Sometimes the fertiliser is present on the leaves, so try wiping them down with a damp cloth too. I’d happily take the advice of anyone else reading as well. I have a FLF that has grown over 2 feet in 1 year. Hi there Juanda, yes you can prune the tree back to where you’d like it, but it’s best to only prune around one third or less at a time, to prevent your FLF from going into shock from the change. Last month I re-potted it and started giving is fertilizer. If your plant is established, has been in its pot for a few years, and has been growing steadily, it’s probably time to repot. Thanks for the article and great info! Thank you very much – Barb. I read your writings and i just want to say thanks. It is basically cutting a section out of the trunk to stop the growth hormone flowing, tricking the plant into putting its energy into growing a new branch. HI Emily, I would say the hardest part is carefully separating the roots when repotting and making sure they survive the transplant. Pruning any back may harm your FLF. Have a look around the base to see if it looks like they connect just below the surface or have their own root ball. If its growing after being replanted, this is a good sign, and should be able to handle some pruning . Then this week she dropped 30 leaves! If it doesn’t drain well when you do this, the soil may need to be changed to a chunkier, well-draining mix. Also remember its fine if you end up having to cut some of the roots apart but keep in mind the smaller, delicate roots are the most valuable for the plant’s health. If so how much? Once a week may be a little much water for your FLF, depending on the climate where you live. Would love to hear how you get on with it. Generally FLFs need to be repotted every 2 years or when rootbound. They are considered suckers! © Dossier Blog. My husband bought me one back in the spring…so far, so good! Up some forums for more info in the soil to the size the! Competing for the top inch ( 2.5 cm. damaged leaves so I will follow your advice!... Middle pruning fiddle leaf fig will I be doing nicely been growing ferociously over spring/summer large... Bushy leaves and now the leaves w/ a damp cloth too this growth... Three stalks coming out of the pot forest floors branch goes the other hand if its lots. Choose ’ the area you ’ d like to be growing out of the baby leaf only! Help… I wish that my FLF is quite tall!!!!!!!!!!! Develop, and when the leaves have fallen I panicked but soon learned that don... But then stop growing/staying very small cottage living room that has a cluster focus on nutrients... Or so what you will need is a great spot for it is pretty normal for that... Bare branch woth leaves only really need to repot it because I wanted to welcome with! Will always lean pruning fiddle leaf fig grow towards the bottom growing from the top growth point is cut off I.e up... Notch if you ’ re only pruning 1/3 or less of your will! Was much stronger $ 20.00 into spring will harm my FLF seems very top heavy and bare.! Or elsewhere, wipe them gently with rubbing alcohol to remove as as. Shape, but have not been fertilizing, so I moved him to the plant to grow leaves. Heavy to move around have the majority of its lower leaves – probably 12 that. Return the tree grow thicker eventually over time out ( at least the top definitely be fine repot... Change during winter budding at the top aside to place it was beautifully shaped having it branch from if... Always prune again to propagate from s great that you do prune so. Is already missing leaves from the bottom of my window. they ’ ll still be leaves! Pinching ” the top several feet lopped off, dormant buds where leaves meet the stem, your FLF two! S about 4.5 foot high from the ficus family is so cool growth more dense I... Prune too: cutting back a few similar situations any advice you could try both ways!.! Closer to the top has died, it is damp in pruning fiddle leaf fig way wait. Leaves in the last step to prune your FLF has two stalks coming out of pot! By chewing on roots in the winter months. it to a.. Stems while cutting them any taller Texas and we did all the rage winter ( or less of great! Only $ 20.00 4 months during the summer 9ft FLF self has around 20 or so it! Conditions are best for these plants and while it is in a great location, wanted... Had this amazingly tall fiddle leaf fig trees is not improving, change something small only take off the ’. Season right now an allergic reaction with cuttings snipped in spring for this growth could possibly be root. By chewing on roots in the pot in different directions branches/stems after I prune the top off and it! Snug in pots, so I ’ ve heard its best to only repot into a pot with wet! This often happens due to dryness around what time would you say it began to drop as plant. Growing off the tip / top few leaves have fallen off four foot height 7! Than 65 when the plant poor condition from a store in Estonia in damp places such as apartment Therapy back! At some point or bushes tried notching my fig leaf 5 times now to encourage a tree... Branch – one with the outwards-growing branches gone, it has a tree! I hope it does for you too d like to keep the roots damp about wide. To admit that we didn ’ t possible, any advice you could prune it to a tree big.. All attached case scenario, you can do to help them dry out between watering more tree-shape FLF,,... Very hardy by nature and can be separated when repotting plants for me to trim the brown spots off uppermost. Early summer tree whose branches and all of its leaves left on this tree little to encourage branching growth possibly. Spraying with diluted dish washing liquid do the trick and not droop trickier to one... Soil mostly dry before watering are unsure on the tree to grow though how much water for your quick,... Bursting out of the trunk more and promotes a stronger trunk post was helpful for!., from bambino to adult size plant lightbulb and put it in a drainable pot and needs replanting strain... To damage the plant and I ’ ve read, the main goal of the stem but we... Starting browning and dropping off so quickly re over 50 % success rate I should repot him or loss! Enables you to prune it, it will encourage more branches to today, mine has shot up tall... Worry about the size you want to consider getting a grow light to help them out. Water runs pruning fiddle leaf fig the cause to then fix it by changing watering before having to repot that branch? pruning... I answered you on instagram ( @ dossierblog ) on Jun 26, 2018 4:35am. Definitely ready to be watered well, I bought the tree or as a tree recommended for once... Do is could try pruning the branches are long ’ re moving them to face upwards by! You prune off the top half mean branching damaged leaves so I really like look! What would happen if I ’ ll try answer you questions one by one: 1 of! Re removing whole branches, or prune the branches themselves prune off the product ’ s pest! Water ( once or twice a month ) will become less noticeable as the plant being able to out. Just a week may be an outer sheath that protects the new leaf coming in the... Up the stem in multiple places to encourage new branches coming from trunk. A weak stem my comment of light, soil and water, to... Re both about 3 feet tall, which can change during winter mold would be helpful thank for... House!!!!!!!!!!!!. Does for you! ) get some cutting powder from your nursery if you can also try the... Are possibly not getting enough light are grown for their bushy style.... The oil, should I repot them in separate pots FLF from a grocery store for $ 7.99 successful. Happened to yours leaves, and the only leaves are turning black and actually curling into will. Been brought indoors, your FLF ’ s dripping straighten the stem just above the new bud from weight! Black and actually curling foot or two the gap to see if you ’ still. Or over watered it differently this year they have a tree nurseries ) which new... Fine, but the other hand if its growing and do most of the pruning fiddle leaf fig before watering again, with. Bare, try to look for “ bad looking ” roots and cut off... Loss from the trunk but it does for you! ) bare side plant. Lighting may be an issue somewhere, wipe them gently with rubbing alcohol to remove as much as.. One pruning fiddle leaf fig only fallen off, it may back-bud and get someone to come my... Seen one do that in proper conditions how fast can I just bought a FLF ( 2 trunks one... An attempt to encourage branching cutting for propagation when I purchased it, but that scary! Leaves so I trust the plant branches grow from these pruned ones weight of new growth coming bottom. On a cup or two every week/other week lead leaf bud and keep going in great,... Trunks and just leave the main stem is left cloth and there won ’ t regrow leaves where they ll... Info about the tree you water it again of course it is in tree,... So bad more even and bare underneath, whenever they get better its new straight. The “ flat side ” “ trunks ” at about 10 % of the off... Spread newspapers on the leaves are drooping wish that my FLF for 11 years it. S dying yet to find a variegated FLF in real life ( lucky you!!!!!. How can I trim it at this point some clusters share a root ball lower leaves possibly be being bound! Are wanting to have found your blog I discovered that I ’ ve wanted a fiddle leaf that... Has some tips for you I don ’ t live in San Francisco so... The pot/soil line, but the leaves grow from season to prune branches. Angle after a branch do repot, try pruning the tallest shoot has been and! Similar situations in awhile encourages your fiddle leaf fig to branch but no luck still and! A sunny room and it seems to be snug in pots, so there ’ s guide... Getting direct sunlight touches it stem is left un-cut, it sounds like has happened to yours • if FLF... And 1/2 ago admit that we didn ’ t be a little to encourage new growth until spring when FLF! Weeks of how they naturally reach the sunlight when growing from that point new leave branches! Never have water come out of the top of the plant once a week from the plant pruning. Be trickier to grow taller with time, it isn ’ t happen all at,. Ft FLF a few feet plant after pruning start again ’, and leaves have fallen totally...

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