catfish species in arizona

Though there are at least 7 species of catfish in Arizona, the Yaqui catfish is the only one native to the state. Yaqui Catfish Recovery Plan (Yaqui Fishes Recovery Plan) U.S. Purchase of a "two pole"stamp on Arizona's fishing license allows anglers to fish simultaneously with two poles. Fishing in Arizona is governed by Arizona … On March 24, 2014, Rich Stachel of Tucson caught a 56.2 lbs. A family owned farm. Blue catfish are native to the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio river drainages, and their range extends south into Mexico and northern Guatemala. Patagonia Lake has given up several other behemoth specimens over the years, although Stachel’s giant is likely the largest flathead caught ever here. This species is often misidentified on social media and the Internet. It was a non-native catfish similar to the Channel Catfish, which was brought into the region and stocked many years ago. Fish & Wildlife Service: August 31, 1984: 80 Kb Scattered black spots on a silver or gray colored back and sides with a white belly. Few spots on large adults. Interestingly, an undescribed species of catfish called the "Chihuahua Catfish (Ictalurus sp.)" Four pair of barbels or 'whiskers'. Smooth, scaleless skin. You can also "watch" any of the species listed below and stay up to date when other anglers add comments and recipes. A 43-pound, 4-ounce channel (40 inches long, 40 inches in girth) came from 265-surface-acre Patagonia Lake in southern Arizona. By 1973, when the Endangered Species Act passed, such intensive pumping meant that the region’s ciénegas were almost all gone, including the tiny fragment of Yaqui catfish habitat in southeastern Arizona. Order online It's a great way to keep informed about your favorite fish species. Channel Catfish: (Ictalurus punctatus) Description Original range was the central drainages of the U.S. to Southern Canada and Northern Mexico. Catfish are just one of the many species of fish available to the avid fisherman! Like channel catfish, blues are often found in tailrace areas, where food is abundant. Fish & Wildlife Service: 1995: 3.7 Mb: Final Rule to Determine the Yaqui Catfish to be Threatened Species with Critical Habitat U.S. Arizona Fish Species List. Arizona Aquatic Gardens carries a great variety of freshwater catfish that are perfect for adding some diversity to your aquarium. Catfish, particularly of the channel variety, are found at most warm-water lakes throughout Arizona, even relatively small bodies of water. It locates prey by brushing the stream bottom with its barbels. Diet. In Arizona, anglers may take fish by one line with hooks or artificial lures. Flathead Catfish at Patagonia Lake (see photo). was frequently collected in the Gila's East Fork up until 2008 (according to the New Mexico Fish and Game Department). Blue catfish prefer water temperatures between 77 and 82 degrees. Yellow bullheads range in size from six to 14 inches, and can live up to 12 years. The yellow bullhead is a voracious scavenger that will almost eat anything. Introduced to Arizona in 1903. Quantity and quality of both catfish species can be found at Patagonia Lake. Select from the fish species below to add recipes, comments, photos and more! Gila topminnow (Poeciliopsis occidentalis) Order: Cypriniformes Family: Poeciliidae (live-bearers) Spanish name: charalito. Distinguishing Features . America's trusted 5 star source for quality aquatics since 1987.

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