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47. Profile Morskie nr. A. Italian cruiser Alberico da Barbiano; Italian cruiser Alberto da Giussano; Italian cruiser Armando Diaz; B. He (my old dad ) didnt think much of the Italian cruisers or the Italian navy for that matter, The best use of cruisers in WWII, will cause some serious arguments here. More information... People also … 16052. This resulted in the the Italian Capitani Romani class, the Royal Navy's Dido and Bellona classes and the USN's Atlanta class. They were essentially designed to out-run and … 1 September: Hats conv… Not only was the weight of armour increased by 24 per cent compared with d'Aosta, now totalling some 2,131 tons, but it was also distributed ih a different manner. Pages in category "World War II cruisers of Italy" The following 35 pages are in this category, out of 35 total. The famous “Condotierri” cruiser class was an invention from postwar authors, trying to group a serie of light cruisers named after ancient Italian warlords but built for various purposes. Emanuele Filiberto Duca D'Aosta. He continues as an intelligence analyst at the Pentagon. Algérie (13,641 Long Tons) There will be a fully-blow post about Italian ships in 1870. Gay, F. Incrociatori leggeri classe <> Parte prime - Descrizione tecnica. KAGERO Publishing, Lublin, Poland, 2017. I look at this volume as a good starting point to pique interest in an overlooked subject, and I look forward to New Vanguard editions on remaining Italian warship classes. The first of these were also the first post-WWI Italian cruisers to see service. Subcategories. Vesuvio(1886) - Sold 1911 2.3. ISBN 88-85909-42-6, Gay F, Gay V. The Cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni. Etna(1885) - Sold 1921 2.2. Ian Allan, London, UK, 1968. WW2 Italian Destroyers Italy (1916-43) About 60 ships. They were essentially designed to out-run and out-gun the large new French destroyers of the Fantasque and Mogador classes. Etna class 2.1. The Trento class cruisers are the first Italian cruisers to make the list. 43. Allowed HTML tags: